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N.A.TOPJOBS is one of the leading professional HR Service Company in Vietnam providing the Executive Search & Selection, HR Outsourcing & Payroll business in Vietnam market.

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Feb 2008, N.A. Topjobs successfully entered the Executive Search and Selection
business in Vietnam market. A year later, the company expanded its business to
HR Outsourcing & Payroll Service which began to create remarkable and
practical solutions to constantly changing organizations. From then on, N.A.
Topjobs has been considered as one of the leading professional HR Service
Company in Vietnam because of its impressive performance in the market. Moreover,
N.A. Topjobs is comprised of strong team with specialized and experienced HR
Consultants who can provide clients and candidates with most significant market
knowledge and valuable advice.

Executive Search and Selection – N.A. Topjobs conscientious
approach measures our success and commitment to our respected clients. We
created clear and practical methodologies which emphasize our vision to provide
a highly qualified service by understanding client’s business and its
respective demands. N.A.TOPJOBS uses an appropriate mix of search methods and
recruitment tools to identify the desirable candidates in the market.

Payroll Outsourcing - N.A. TopJobs has an extensive experience payroll team who plays the role of your
compensation and benefit functions to
deal with changes in social insurance law, deadlines and personal income tax on
an ongoing basis
payroll outsourcing service will absolutely take all your pressure off and
offer a flexible payroll solution; your employee will be paid correctly and on

HR Outsourcing – N.A. TopJobs provides labor contract management to organizations that wish to do
business in Vietnam and unable to sign the contract with already-recruited
staffs for specific reason, e.g. headcount limitation and seasonal labor demand

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong  Director of N.A.TOPJOBS

Ms Lan Phuong  is currently holding the position of Director and Recruitment Manager at N.A.TOPJOBS which is one of the professional HR companies in Executive Search & Selection, HR Payroll and Outsourcing Service.  Lan Phuong is in-charge of all aspects of business in Vietnam, running and leading the business team with office based in HCM city and market territory coverage in nationwide.

Lan Phuong used to be a Recruitment Manager in Navigos Group, in charge of ES&S HCMC team covering all different business sectors of Consumer, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, IT, manufacturing and Telecom. Prior to Navigos Group, Lan Phuong had 4 years in First Alliances to play the role of Recruitment Team Leader who began to set up a strong specialized business of Pharmaceutical, Medical devices/Diagnostics &  healthcare industry. She developed successfully the database of clients and candidates within pharmaceutical/healthcare industry and has performed a great & satisfied service to both multinational and local customers.

Lan Phuong holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economy in 1999, has more than 12 years of experience in the field of human resource service, especially Executive recruitment and is considered by many MNC companies as one of leading professional HR in Vietnam. Lan Phuong’s clients includes leading international global companies in pharmaceutical, medical devices/diagnostics, manufacturing, FMCG, Consumers, Cosmetics and logistics sector. Lan Phuong has been successfully involved in providing the ES&S service to leading organizations for top key management positions, it helps to build a strong management team which is absolutely worth for strong & stable business foundation. In addition, Lan Phuong has broad professional network and good market knowledge of human resource in Vietnam which helps her and the team to satisfy customer’s needs and be happy with N.A.TOPJOBS HR’s service.

Lan Phuong is passionate, highly motivated, result-oriented leader with strong ambition to develop the business model of N.A.TOPJOBS’ HR service to meet client’s international standard requirement. Keep improving the service daily in order to bring the best and valuable service to our customers and  to be acknowledged as the highly trusted partners.

Ms. Cristina Belista – Recruitment Manager

An industry fascinated with 3 years successful experience in Executive Search & Outsourcing from Philippines to Vietnam, Cristina demonstrate competence to strengthen relationships with people in Finance & Accounting, Regulatory/Government Affairs, Compliance, Marketing & Communications and in numerous business sectors.

Cristina started her career as Recruitment Executive & HR Coordinator to one of the Top Outsourcing & Payroll service provider in the Philippines. This opportunity serves as her stepping stone to HR Industry. Seeing her potential in dealing with people & organization, Cristina take steps to be a Compliance Officer then Supervisor (Admin) to the famous apparel manufacturing companies in Philippines. Being a Compliance Supervisor, she place confidence in handling Social & Security Compliance for shared services, Quality Assurance Audit for apparel industry & general admistration. For a person who loves being independent in career improvement, Cristina decided to continue her progress oversea, in Vietnam. From then on, she’s actively working as Sr. Recruitment Team Leader of N.A. Topjobs and currently handling Recruitment Manager position supervising Recruitment Consultants from different sectors: Sales Pharma, Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Service. 

Why work with Cristina? In every company, she earned personal & team results because of her inguinity to every given task. She can manage searches confidently and helping professionals grow and advance in their careers. Being a graduate of AB Psychology, she has patience on people’s demands and ability to understand candidate’s appropriateness to client’s business & environment.

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